Thinking of Buying a Car?
Consider a Toyota!

Have you recently made the decision to buy a new car? It’s a given that you’ll want to get the best performing car for your budget. Whether you have a few hundred dollars to spend, or a few thousand dollars, you can ensure that you buy a reliable and efficient car by buying a Toyota.

Toyotas comes in all shapes and sizes, both private and commercial, and has been around for many generations. It’s fast become one of Australia’s most popular choice of manufacturers for privately and commercially owned vehicles.

Read more information below the image on what makes Toyota the best choice for your next vehicle.

Toyotas in Australia

What makes Toyotas so great?

There are a number of reasons as to why owning a Toyota vehicle will benefit you. Some of the benefits include:

Long lasting value – Toyota is one of the leading brands in Australia to retain its resale value.

Factories throughout America – There are many Toyota factories throughout the world, many of which are in America.

Eco friendly vehicles – Toyota has a range of eco-friendly (hybrid) cars on the market today.

High quality – Toyota are well known for making high quality cars at great value.

For more benefits of owning a Toyota vehicle, take a look at the ‘Toyota Benefits’ page.

Toyota offers a range of options for your budget

Whether you are buying from a local Toyota dealership or buying second hand from a local Toyota wreckers, you’re bound to have a large range of options for pick from.

As the Toyota brand has been around for decades now, there are hundreds of different makes and models of Toyota vehicles available.

For those on a budget, consider looking at a Toyota Corolla or a Toyota Corona. For those who have the budget to buy a new Toyota, consider looking at a Toyota Yaris or a Toyota Lexus.

Take a look at the ‘Popular Toyotas’ page for more information on the best makes and models out there.

Toyota Lexus

Reviews from Toyota vehicle owners

There are thousands, perhaps even millions of Toyota vehicle owners all over the world. Here are some reviews from owners of different ages and locations:

“I got a Toyota Matrix many years ago for my 16th birthday present. I am so glad that my parents chose this car for me, as it has served me well for these years and continues to do so! It’s not only great on fuel, but it passes its Warrant of Fitness easily each and every time. I’d highly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking to get a reliable vehicle.” – Shannon, 21

“When our family started to grow, I knew it was time to upgrade our old car. We wanted a reliable family wagon that would suit the lifestyle of our expanding family. We picked the Toyota Alphard as it appeared to have everything we were looking for in a car. Five years later, it’s still going strong and hasn’t caused us a single problem!” – Mitchell, 32

“I’ve had my Toyota Corolla for 10 years now, and it still works as good as the day I got it. Apart from the odd scratch it’s got from others cars at the supermarket, she runs well and has been reliable for all of my family.” – Barbs, 45